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POPtrans 1.0

Get the same features as POPjisyo.com has online in a regular Windows application for offline use!

POPtrans combines a multi-language dictionary, translation aid and study system with pop-up hints! Surf the web in Chinese/Japanese/English and read with pop-up hints just by moving the mouse!

WARNING: Still under development (BETA quality).

Feature Limited Shareware Version:

For older versions of Windows, you might need the ".msi" file installer from Microsoft: [Win98/ME] [NT/2000/XP]

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP and .NET framework free from Microsoft [direct download]
* POPtrans may fail to generate the dictionary index files on systems with 256MB RAM or less (on XP especially). If there are errors on startup etc, please extract these pre-generated index files to your "C:\Program Files\POPtrans" folder: POPtransDictNdxs.zip ~10MB
** POPtrans is untested on Windows 98/ME, but reported to work on some systems


  • Support for a wide range of dictionary formats [Includes: Japanese ↔ English, Chinese → English, English → Spanish]
  • Auto-clipboard lookup of words and URLs [Registered Version]
  • Mouse-over pop-up definitions
  • Study list building features (just double-click words) [Registered Version]
  • Study matching games
  • Search for whole blocks of text at once
  • Supports multiple languages on any system (via Unicode and .NET)
  • Add your own dictionaries and update to the newest versions of Edict and CEdict [Registered Version]
  • Penguin that jumps

Extra Dictionary Files [Registered Version]

Dictionary File Size Type Description Word Count
GENE95 Format Files
gene95.lzh (EUC-JP) 1.4MB En→Jp Fairly complete English to Japanese dictionary "GENE95" 50,000+
LSD4 Format Files
lsd4texts.zip (Shift-JIS) 762KB En→Jp Comprehensive Life Science Dictionary from LSD4 30,000+
EDICT Format Files (more...)
edict.zip (EUC-JP) 1.7MB Jp→En Very complete, Japanese to English from Jim Breen and the EDICT project 100,000+
cedictb5.zip (Big5)
cedictgb.zip (GB2312 Simplified)
300KB Cn→En Chinese to English CEDICT from Paul Denisowski and Erik Peterson 20,000+
jddict.zip (UTF-8) 1.7MB Jp→De Japanese to German 10,000+
compdic.zip (EUC-JP) 350KB Jp→En IT/Computer Terms 10,000
ediclsd3.zip (EUC-JP) 1MB Jp→En Biology and Medical Terms 30,000+
lawgledt.zip (EUC-JP) 130KB Jp→En Legal Terms 3,000
Eijiro Format
Eijiro Homepage CD Jp↔En

2200yen only shipping in Japan



  • Note under Windows2000/XP Pro
    Be sure to install an IME (Input Method) for the languages you choose to use.
    Control Panel → Regional Options → General (Tab)


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