Wired : 2024/05/25 04:00

1. Why Are We Seeing These Crazy Northern Lights?
The aurora borealis is usually seen near the Arctic, but solar winds and magnetic turbulence are sparking some of the best light shows in centuries throughout the US. >>

2. Logitech Reach Review: Super Camera Arm, Subpar Camera
One of the best camera arm mounts I’ve ever used is hampered by its middling camera. >>

3. 33 Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals (2024): Fitness Trackers, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Headphones, Electric Bikes
It’s the best time of the year to pick up all the tents, stoves, sleeping bags, and gear you’ll need for summer fun. Just remember the deals end on Memorial Day. >>

4. Samsung S95D QD-OLED Review: A Matte Screen for Reflective Rooms
Samsung’s new S95D QD-OLED TV takes a big anti-glare swing with (mostly) fantastic results. >>

5. 8 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers (2024): Budget, Luxe, Tested by Experts
The stats say most people prefer to snooze on their sides. If that’s you, then you might want to check out these WIRED-tested beds. >>

6. 13 Best Electric Kettles (2024): Gooseneck, Temperature Control, Cheap
We made tons of coffee, tea, and ramen to test these gadgets?and boiled it down to these top picks. >>

7. Casper Adjustable Base Max Review: Customized Angles and Massage
This bed raises your head and feet, with added massage and under-bed lighting. I’ll never sleep flat again. >>

8. A Warp Drive Breakthrough Inches a Tiny Bit Closer to 'Star Trek'
Physicists have figured out how a warp drive could work?even if it's more useful for our understanding of gravity than interstellar travel. >>