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Using Bookmarklets

"Bookmarklets" are simple programs written in Javascript that perform an action on the current page or selected data etc. They take the form of a URL (link) starting with "javascript:..." instead of "http://...".

To create a bookmarklet in IE:
  1. Right-Click the links below, then select Add to Favorites...
  2. Click "Yes" to continue past the safety warning. (You can Right-Click and select Properties to check the simple one-line source for security.)
  3. Scroll down the "Create in" folders and Double-Click the "Links" folder, then Click "OK" to add the Bookmarklet.
  4. The new option should now appear in your "Links" toolbar. (Make sure you have "View"⇒"Toolbars"⇒"Links" checked.)

Bookmarklets for POPjisyo.com

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